My own testimonial: Why I Have Been Called to This Path and Received My Plant Based Nutrition Certification

Even though I had been taking diet and nutrition courses and doing research on my own for a few years, in May of 2016 I received a phone call from a friend that truly shifted my life permanently. She told me she had been in the hospital for a month from a staph infection and was out of intensive care, but was not able to eat the food she was getting at the hospital. Her body was rejecting it, and she finally had enough clarity to contact me. I had spoken to her many times about eating a plant based diet, but until then she had not really understood how important it could be for her.

I told her I would be there in the morning, and when I walked in the next day I had to control my surprise at how pale and gray her face was and how low her energy appeared to me. She could not even get from the bed to the chair beside it without help. As soon as she took the first sip of the fresh, green smoothie I had prepared for her, she exclaimed, “Oh, this tastes wonderful, like it’s alive!” We talked for about an hour, and I watched the color return to her face as the fresh fruits and vegetables in the drink worked their magic. Not only was it clear to her that this was what she needed, but it was also a powerful confirmation for me how quickly our bodies can heal given the proper fuel.

Her doctor did not object when she told him she wanted me to bring all her food while she was in the hospital. Each day the nurses were curious about what new delicious dish I would bring, and some of them commented on how quickly she was recovering. Everything I prepared was plant based and organic. This continued for three weeks in the hospital and for three more weeks when she was in the rehab facility. One of the challenges was finding foods that were gluten-free and tasted good to her, because all the medications she had to take affected her sense of taste.

After she returned home, we continued to work together for a few months so she could know how to make healthy plant based meals on her own.

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Here are some testimonials I have received from previous clients. I am so happy to have made such an impact on their lives. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please contact me! I would love to hear from you!